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April 04, 2006

Online journals (some open access)

Open J-Gate ( is an electronic gateway to global journal literature in the open access domain. A related site is J-Gate (, which covers e-journals that are not in the open access domain.
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Freebie articles

Congoo might prove handy for people who want to read subscription content without having to pay for it. The web site allows you to view subscription material from sites like the UK Financial Times without handing over any cash or needing passwords to get in. It's not open slather -- or the sites might go out of business -- but you can get limited content for free. You can read more about the Congoo concept at the site, which also links to recent news stories about the service and its launch. Go to It currently works only with Internet Explorer, with a toolbar for Mozilla Firefox expected shortly.
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August 26, 2003

Freebie Beeb

In a startling outburst of generosity, the BBC has announced plans to make all its archive content - from TV, radio, and online - available for free to anyone in the UK who wants to use it. All those media organisations out there trying to flog off their content for big bucks must be feeling ill now, as the BBC is such a marvellous source - who would pay for someone else's content when you can get BBC quality for nothing? The full text of BBC chairman Greg Dyke's speech, where the plans were announced, is at Materials from the BBC's Creative Archive, as the initiative will be called, will be "available to anyone in the UK to download so long as they don't use them for commercial purposes".
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