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January 30, 2004

Could do better?

Despite John Howard's claim that parents are moving to private education in droves because state schools are value-free, economist John Quiggin says the real surprise is that "the increase in attendance at private schools has been so small." As he states, "Thanks to changes in federal government policy, subsidies to private education have been steadily increasing. Meanwhile, the effective subsidy to publicly educated students has remained constant or declined in recent years. Standard economic analysis suggests that when a service is subsidised, its consumption will increase." So if private school enrolments are not increasing dramatically, despite their generous subsidies, Howard is well off the mark. Read Quiggin's piece to understand how and why. It's at
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January 29, 2004

What it's worth

"Studies by AIIM and the Ford Motor Company estimate that knowledge workers spend 15–25% of their time on nonproductive information–related activities" - that's a lot of wasted time. A new report from IDC, a global market intelligence agency, called The high cost of not finding information shows that companies lose out in lost sales or poor decision-making when information flow is inefficient or insufficient. For a company with 1000 knowledge workers, this amounts to $2.5 - $3.5 million wasted annually. Read the full report at ndingInformation_1510.pdf.
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Who's spending up?

Does Ford spend more on R&D than Subaru? Who spends more on research into pharmceuticals - Pfizer or Roche? Does Dell spend more than IBM? Or Toshiba? Who's big in chemicals? And telecomms? Find out by checking out the annual R&D Scorecard from Technology Review at, which lists the world's top 150 technology companies in terms of spending on research and development. The figures are available to download as an Excel spreadsheet. More information on more companies is available at the site.
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January 28, 2004

First thing every day?

Click to delete spam - is that your first email act of the day? If so, you are not alone - a Pew Internet study has found 86% of email users do that first thing. It clears the rubbish out and lets you see your real email. But why should you have to do it? According to the report, 'Spam is beginning to undermine the integrity of email and to degrade the online experience.' Amen to that. Read the full report, Spam: How It Is Hurting Email and Degrading Life on the Internet at .
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January 01, 2004


journoz is taking an extended break over January. See you all in February.
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