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December 05, 2003

New developments

the World Bank's latest World Development Report 2004 is just out and well worth a look for all kinds of statistics on how the poor are faring in the global economy. Not very well, it seems. The report says that poor people need greater access to education, water, sanitation, and electricity. These reports are not just dry accounts of statistics and figures, but are filled with human stories. See for yourself at
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Smart houses

Is it possible to create a home environment that is aware of its occupants' whereabouts and activities? If so, how can such homes provide services to their inhabitants so as to enhance their quality of life or help them to maintain independence as they age? The Aware Home, a project at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is a research initiative that delves into issues such as privacy, design challenges, and software engineering required to make such homes work. Read the research at
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Expert advisors

The Media Resource Service (MediaResource) can help journalists find expert sources of information on science and technology to interview for news and features. MediaResource maintains a database of thousands of (mainly American) scientists, engineers, physicians and policy-makers who have agreed to provide information on short notice to print and broadcast journalists. You can find the email address or phone and fax numbers at Ther service is a a Public Understanding of Science Program of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society.
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