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The need for such an initiative is evident from even a cursory examination of the media publications and broadcasts over a number of years. Equally, serious criticism of the Australian media is now widespread and international. The YouTube film embedded on the front page for example was produced in the United Kingdom. A similar film has recently been produced in the United States.

Even Civil Liberties Australia (CLA) have commented: "The real story is how a young powerless woman is being imprisoned for a crime that she probably had nothing to do with. But the Australian media have become her persecutor"

Neither is it a question of the odd rogue article or broadcast: it has been systematic. We have seen countless examples of unsubstantiated allegations and in some cases outright lies. We have seen widescale censorship, in the form of hard news stories being completely ignored.

For any ethical journalist this is deeply disturbing. The fact that it has continued for so long reflects upon the profession as a whole.

The project will investigate and examine all aspects of this. It will probe the origins, explore the nature of editorial policy, examine the role and motives of individual scribes, and expose many of the specific smears and abuses.

It will seek and expose truth: truth being a pre-requisite to even begin to address this sorry situation. The project is essentially a service to journalism itself.

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Monday, February 16, 2009


In November 2008 a remarkable event unfolded: for the first time in the entire history of the Australian nation there was a global protest in support of one of its citizens. People from across the planet joined in, presenting banners and protest cards in major cities across North America, Europe and Australasia. The citizen in question happened to be Schapelle Corby.

In case anyone harbored doubts that the apparent Schapelle Corby media agenda spanned broadcasting as well as written media, this event was totally ignored in Australia. There was not a single reference in any mainstream organ. Not one.

Furthermore, that protest was accompanied by a video, which has been referred to in overseas publications as "ground breaking" and "a landmark video". But was the video referred to by the mainstream media in Australia, particularly given that was actually about an Australian? Again, no. Not once.

Damaging smears, tittle-tattle and false innuendo regarding Schapelle Corby are regular features across the media as a whole: features which have seriously harmed her welfare. But a strong supportive solid news story like this one doesn't even merit an acknowledgement that it even happened.


Again, observers from outside the national borders of Australia have noticed. The following video was posted around the internet recently:

It is damning, but it is clearly accurate in terms of its underlying message.

I recently approached the producer of that particular video, who provided a full list of Australian media contacts that had been approached regarding the protest and story. Every mainstream publisher and broadcaster in Australia was represented. They were each notified twice: once for the protest and once for the video documenting it.

The real problem is that this is not an isolated case. It is part of a pattern. Much more on that at a later date though.

In the meantime all those editors who helped to hide this story from the Australian public should perhaps be reflecting upon when they lost their journalistic integrity. This one is so blatant it would fit neatly into the news suppression handbook of just about any media controlling totalitarian regime.





Anonymous Anonymous said ... (February 17, 2009 5:54 AM) : 

This is absolutely disgraceful. I was vaguely aware that some stuff was being hidden and she was being smeared, but never realized how bad it was.

That poor poor girl.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (March 29, 2009 11:37 PM) : 

The media's social control of how it's society thinks is so absolute and yet they take this responsibility with no self reproach or examination with arrogance and omnipotence. It is not their given right to print bias, to edit, to carve the story to a more saleable and entertaining product. I have recently spoken to some journalists working on the Corby story who were bullied into printing or saying things that they knew were detrimental. I also know of some who refused to do this and they now work somewhere else. If all the journos with guilty conciences, who have had to carry around this awful stuff came forward, it would help DJJourno to drive home this point. Whilst we can do nothing about the masses who get their information from televison, we can get the television reporters to speak out. Please come forward.


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