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August 12, 2003

BBC's style guide

BBC News set the benchmark for coverage in the Iraq War. Now you too can at least write as they do by following the BBC News Style Guide. It's in PDF at, and is free to anyone who wants to use it. Though written mainly for broadcasters, it would be of use to any journo.
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June 19, 2003

Cut to the chase

Deloitte Consulting has released some jargon-busting software, called Bullfighter, to help improve business communications. Anyone can use it - even business journos - to try to eliminate the incomprehensible. The software bolts on to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and can be downloaded for free from Deloitte's site at The New York Times has a story (registration required) called New software flags verbiage in business documents at
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May 07, 2003

Dictionary definitions

I've got one at home and use it all the time but, till now, I was unaware that you could search the Collins Dictionary online. The company is definitely hiding its light under a bushel on this one, with the dictionary housed at what looks like a generic all-purpose dictionary/translation site called WordReference ( Only after you type in a word and get the results does the Collins logo appear. To make things even harder, the English Definition section, which is where you check spellings and definitions of words, is at the very bottom of a list of options, all of which are about translation. Once you type in a word, you get the phonetic pronounciation, the etymology and the meaning. This version is based on the 2000 print version of the Collins English Dictionary.
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March 28, 2003

New cliches for old

NewsLab, a not-for-profit organisation associated with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York, has assembled Buzz Words and Catch Phrases: A Glossary for Our Changing World, which has terms for "people, places, agencies, technology, jargon and cliches used in the aftermath of the [September 11] attack on the United States." Homeland security is there among many others. It's at
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March 17, 2003

Euphemism Central?

The US military have put up a very large dictionary, in PDF format, of military terms they use. C for collateral damage, anyone? Find it at
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