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September 08, 2005

Crystal gazer

With Internet and communications technologies evolving so quickly, it would be good to have a crystal ball to see where we'll be in a couple of years' time. Do we buy the camera-enabled phone now or wait for the videophone? What else is on the horizon? If it's gadgets you want, try looking at Gizmodo (, a blog all about smart, shiny new toys like the iPod mini. If you'd like more detail, more context about where we'll all be in five years, read the Smart Internet 2010 Report ($$$_14049/Smart_Internet_2010.pdf) from the Smart Internet Technology Cooperative Research Centre ( The report looks at how the Internet might evolve from the perspective of users and analyses global and industry trends. Technologies such as open source and social networking, voice applications and developments in eHealth are covered as are games and what will be new in mobile communications. Innovators in different domains from around the world have also been interviewed for the report. This report is where you'll see the future of the Internet, today.
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September 26, 2003

Never out of touch

According to Wired News, a research team at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University's Institute of Technology, has developed a new context-aware mobile-phone technology called the SenSay. The phone, still in prototype, keeps tabs on e-mails sent, phone calls made and the user's location. No more telephone tag, missed calls or frantic voicemails - the phone will help callers track you down - regardless of where you are or what you are doing. Scary thought. Read all about it at,1282,60428,00.html/wn_ascii.
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