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September 11, 2003

Why RSS rules

Attention newsletter publishers - Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome ( has a handy posting on why RSS beats email publishing cold. It's called Why RSS Will Kill E-mail Publishing, and it's at As Pirillo says, RSS is unspammable, and you can't get a virus using it. Looks like it has my vote already, and they are just the first two points. More on what RSS is all about at
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August 29, 2003

Bye bye email, hello RSS

With people's inboxes overloaded with bank scams and penis enlargement ads, not to mention virus-carrying emails, it's no wonder that many people feel email is on the way out as a content delivery system for newsletters or news. Enter RSS where readers can get the same content without the spam or the virus risks. Steve Outing's latest Stop the Presses column gives the lowdown.
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August 18, 2003

More on RSS

More info on the RSS/syndication of news and web logs is in Dan Gillmor's Ejournal on Silicon at Gillmor uses RSS reader software to get news, online information and newsletters, bypassing email and Web surfing. He suggests, among other things, that PR people use it to get their message out instead of bombarding the inboxes of busy journalists with email junk. Time to get with the program?
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August 12, 2003

Do you syndicate?

If you're a blogger, you may well allow your entries to be syndicated for news aggregator services. (If you use blogging software such as MoveableType, syndication is easy.) News sites need to be syndicatable too, so that headline aggregators can come along and suck up their content. The technology is Rich Site Summary (aka Really Simple Syndication or RSS for short). If you don't know about it yet, it's about time you did. Read a few tips at the excellent Lockergnome's RSS page ( If you are interested in what's available via RSS, look at NewsIsFree. You will need an RSS reader, such as AmphetaDesk (available from to translate the feeds into headlines.
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