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May 27, 2005

Best of Photojournalism 2005

The US National Press Photographers Association has posted its awards for the Best of Photojournalism 2005 at The awards are for still photography only. A wide range of categories are covered -- sport, domestic, international, magazine news stories, nature, the Olympics, environment, and portraits, among others.
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August 27, 2003

For, and by, photojournalists

You can browse portfolios by American photojournalists at the site. Despite the name, any photojournalist or picture editor can join, and you can store your online portfolio free for the first month - it costs a small fee after that. Lots to look at here.
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June 12, 2003

Phonecam nation

The use of phone cameras to snap all kinds of pictures in all kinds of places has been written up by Xeni Jardin in Wired in a piece called Phonecam Nation. With the Rene Rivkin jail snap and the worries about phonecams in changing rooms, it's timely to look at the issues. The story is at
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May 27, 2003

Get the picture

United Press International is offering a searchable archive of around 100,000 images of newsmakers and news events. The archive is growing by about 1,200 images a month. You can search by keyword or name and limit by date. See it at You need an account to be able to see full size pictures.
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May 23, 2003

Online magazine for photojournalists

The Digital Journalist dubs itself a multimedia magazine for photojournalism in the digital age. It appears monthly ( Use the Contents Pages to navigate the site and see articles and features. The latest issue has a lot of Iraq war stories but also has articles and features such as Why will wireless camera phones revolutionize the photography industry?.
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