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August 15, 2003

Who's all over your computer system?

Cyber-crime - which can encompass everything from data or network sabotage, computerised fraud and theft, denial of service attacks, as well as virus infections and Trojan horse implants - will cost companies worldwide about $3 trillion a year if it continues to run unchecked. Two-thirds of all computer users will be affected in one way or another. Scary thought, and for those of us still battling the blaster worm this week, an unpleasantly familiar one. Read the full Research Note, Computerised Crime and Compromised Commerce, from the Parliamentary Library on the issue at
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July 18, 2003

Shouldn't it be all the time?

The Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Charles Sturt University, has released a PDF entitled When police should say "NO!" to gratuities. Surprisingly, they say the odd gift is OK, and need not signify the start of a slippery slope to wholesale corruption. Read the piece yourself at
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Locking up the youngsters

The Australian Institute of Criminology has released Statistics on juvenile detention in Australia: 1981-2002 ( The numerous tables allow you to compare the rates of detention for males and females, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and so on.
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June 02, 2003

Bank robbing

Everyone is interested in bandits, so a new paper from the Australian Institute of Criminology is timely. Called Bank Robbery in Australia, the paper looks at whether robberies are going up or down. There have been 848 incidents between 1998 and 2002 but not all were armed hold-ups. See the full information at
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April 14, 2003

Crime doesn't pay - it costs

The Australian Institute of Criminology has produced a paper, Counting the costs of crime in Australia, which estimates the major costs for a range of offences at The total is a staggering A$19 billion. They have also produced a Technical Report at
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