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July 04, 2003

All quiet on the blog front

I'm about to vanish for a week's holiday. See you in 10 days.
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June 23, 2003

Celebs top 100

Forbes has compiled the celebrity top 100 at According to the list, Jennifer Aniston is no. 1 and Eminem is no. 2, ahead of Tiger Woods, Tom Hanks and the Rolling Stones. Older lists back to 1999 are also available if you're interested in who's slipped off the fame-o-meter. Memo to would-be famous - be an actor, athlete or model - it's the quickest way. Most of these famous people come from these groups.
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May 27, 2003

Today's fun story

Mobile phone ring tones are pretty annoying at the best of times. Now a whole new raft of noises - sounding suspiciously like someone blowing a raspberry - are set to assault our ears, according to Wired News. The story, about new 'whoopie cushion' phone rings, is at,1367,58990,00.html/wn_ascii. Sounds like a barrel of laughs.
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