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May 28, 2004

The old Bill

Microsoft held a CEO Summit on May 20, which was addressed by Bill Gates and others. Gates set out his views about what we can expect technologicially over the next decade in both personal and business computing. He talked up blogs and RSS as a way for companies to communicate and talked about more efficient ways of sharing information with workmates. The full text of his remarks is at
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May 27, 2004

Top 40

Google is number one, Amazon has jumped from 7 to 2 and Apple, buoyed by products like the iPod is number 3. In what? Wired's top 40 ranking of technology companies worldwide. Unlike Amazon and Apple, which sell things, Google doesn't make anything, which makes its success all the more amazing. It has beaten giant companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, Intel and others. The full list is at
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May 06, 2004

Sugar shake-up

Sugar farmers moaning about their industry's future (or lack of one) should take a look at the World Bank's working paper on sugar policy. According to the Bank's researchers, "Sugar is one of the most policy distorted of all commodities, and the European Union, Japan, and the United States are among the worst offenders...". They'll have to read the 55-page document to find out what, if anything, is being done about that. It's at
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April 30, 2004

What is the Net and where is it going?

Esther Dyson, editor at large of CNET Networks, is interviewed by about the online business model, how to market online and what and where the Net will be in five years' time. As she says, "fundamentally, what it [the Net] does is connect people". Dyson says there's no one defined business model - advertising, services, paid content, social networking all play a part. She also discounts the idea that the Net can "solve political problems. If people want to communicate, itís certainly going to help. But just linking different cultures with the Internet -- you know, itís not going to create a global village, unfortunately." Read the full interview at
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February 26, 2004

Going for Google gold

New companies are floated on stock exchanges all the time but only a few really get investors excited. The upcoming float of Google, called an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the US, is probably one of them. US investors who got burned in the Nasdaq meltdown are probably hoping to recoup some cash by buying into the Google IPO. Wired News has a piece called The Complete Guide to Googlemania! at which explains what's happening and does a bit of crystal ball-gazing.
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