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November 24, 2005

Voices stilled

Also from the Democratic Audit of Australia ( is a paper by Larissa Behrendt on the abolition of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC). She argues that the shutdown of ATSIC "has left many Indigenous people feeling excluded from debates about policies and programs that are going to impact directly on their lives, families and communities." Her paper is at
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Auditing democracy

We live in a democracy, right? It's probably worth checking on that, which is why the Political Science Program at ANU's Research School of Social Sciences is conducting an Audit to assess Australia's strengths and weaknesses in that area. The Democratic Audit of Australia ( is understandably looking at the Howard Government's anti-terrorism bill. Jennifer Hocking has done a paper on it at Hocking concludes: "Good public policy thrives on debate, encourages difference and welcomes dissent. Insulating the security sector from open debate, critique and alternative approaches, cannot lead to the best policy outcomes." Hmm.
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November 03, 2005

Cut to the chase

Why wade through the fine print of something when you can get experts to sum things up for you? The Federal Parliamentary Library has done a digest of what's in the Anti-terrorism bill 2005 -- so now we don't have to. Bravo. See the digest at
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November 01, 2005

Someone doesn't like him

Conspiracy theorists will have a field day with this. Jon Stanhope, Chief Minister of the ACT, has had his web site hijacked. Stanhope was the brave soul who recently posted the Government's draft, but draconian, anti-terrorism legislation on his web site. Is this his reward? He's all gone from
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Across the Tasman

Statisphere is New Zealand's official statistics portal. See it at for all your Kiwi counts.
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From beyond the grave

They're rich, they're famous ... they're also dead. But being dead has not stopped Elvis raking in more millions to add to the ones he made while he was alive. Marilyn Monroe is still earning a quid. So is John Lennon. Forbes magazine has ranked the Top-Earning Dead Celebrities -- there are 13 of them. Dr Seuss is one, Marlon Brando another. Who else is on the list? You'd be surprised. See for yourself at
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