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January 28, 2005

The state of things

People may not always be sure what it is, but blogging is alive and well, according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project called The State of Blogging. Apparently 8 million Americans have set one up, though how many are regularly maintained is unknown. Blogs are certainly establishing themselves as an alternative to 'straight' news, with 27% of Net users regularly reading them. Many use RSS feeds or XML readers to keep in touch with their favourites. The full report is at
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Now you see it ...

This site has before and after satellite images of the Boxing Day 2004 Asian tsunami ( Locations include Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Use the button to toggle between images.
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With luck, you'll never need it

Identifying people killed in disasters like the Asian tsunami is a huge job. The Disaster Victim Identification ( guide from Interpol explains the steps, and should be handy for journos who have to cover such stories, whether after natural disasters, bombings or war atrocities.
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Tale of woe

UNICEF'S State of the World's Children 2005 ( report lists war, poverty and HIV/AIDS as the main barriers to a normal life for more than a billion kids worldwide. That's a lot of blighted childhoods, and the report came out before the tsunami hit. Make that a billion plus now. Lots of detail here, statistics, analysis and maps to tell the sad story.
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January 06, 2005

Wiki on the tsunami

Wikipedia has a tsunami page at This is a collaborative effort that contains a chronology, animations, casualty information and counts, countries affected, information on which charities are doing what, and links to amateur photos and videos of the events in different places.
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January 05, 2005

Tsunami of tsunami news sites

Reuters AlertNet ( exists to highlight humanitarian emergencies around the world. The recent Asian tsunami is top of their list just now. Also handy are the special archives at news sites - the ABC's Asia Tsunami Disaster at and the BBC's excellent Asia Quake Disaster site at, which has audio, video, news, pictures, animations and more.
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Do the right thing

Should bloggers, who are not, strictly speaking, journalists, have a code of ethics? The American Press Institute thinks they should and has posted a sample code on their CyberJournalist site at It has three planks - be honest and fair (don't plagiarise or fail to link to original materials), minimise harm (be sensitive in how you handle news or make comments, respect people's privacy), be accountable (admit it when you get it wrong). Submissions of further additions to the code are welcome.
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