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September 21, 2004

Following the leaders

A new project called electionTracker aims to connect young people with issues in the upcoming federal election. The project is being run by a non-profit youth-run organisation called Vibewire Youth Services, and can be found at It features the work of four "Trackers", who will be travelling with Howard and Latham during the final two weeks of the campaign and reporting from there via blogs.
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September 20, 2004

Up to speed

If you're not already sick of election news, have a look at which aims to cover the industrial relations issue throughout the campaign. The site includes policies from major and minor parties as well as speeches, interviews, media releases and news. It was set up by Jim McDonald, an academic from Griffith University.
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September 10, 2004

Cultures of Journalism

Cultures of Journalism, a 13-part feature series, co-produced by Open Learning Australia and Griffith University in collaboration with the ABC, and broadcast on Radio National, runs from 28 August 2004 - 26 November 2004.

The series examines a number of questions:

  • How has journalism become a ubiquitous part of contemporary culture?
  • Is it still an important pillar of a functioning democracy?
  • Or is it coming to the end of its current phase, to be superseded by decentralised, digitally-driven, people-powered enterprises?

Find out how to tune in to future programs or read past transcripts at
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George Munster Forum

What: 2004 George Munster Journalism Award & Forum
When: 6.30pm on Friday September 17, 2004
Where: Guthrie Theatre, 702-730 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney
Welcome drinks will be followed by award presentation and panel discussion. Admission is free.

Academics, students and journalists are invited to join the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism ( on Friday September 17 for the annual George Munster journalism award and forum.
The prestigious George Munster award celebrates excellence in independent journalism. It carries a prize of $1,000, and is open to all journalists, working in print, broadcast and online media. Previous winners include journalists from The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, and the ABC, as well as freelance reporters and broadcasters.
As part of the award presentation, a panel of journalists, former Munster award winners, and academics will discuss the issues raised by the winning entry. They'll be taking part in the George Munster Journalism Forum, to be broadcast on ABC Radio National. The forum promises a lively debate on the issue of media independence. Originally instituted as an award for freelance journalism, the George Munster Award was expanded in 1998 to include applicants who are not freelancers but are able to demonstrate independence of mind and excellence in their craft.
George Munster was a co-founder of the Nation, and a freelance editor, journalist and writer of books. He later became an editor with Angus and Robertson Publishers and reverted to freelance work both as a journalist and book writer. His book Rupert Murdoch: A Paper Prince was launched in October 1985, soon after his death.
For more details, contact : Dominic O'Grady. Phone: (02) 9514 2295

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