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December 23, 2002

Catch my book

My book, Catch the Wave - find good information on the Internet fast can now be ordered online from RMIT Publishing. It will be available in print and electronic versions. More details can be found at

Happy Holidays
journoz is going on a summer holiday break - see you at the end of January.

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December 13, 2002

Who's convergent now?

Steve Outing has a new column, Walking the convergence talk at Outing interviewed journalists who, on a daily basis, report and produce content for print, the Internet, radio, and/or television.
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December 11, 2002

Identity thieves

Identity theft is not just a Hollywood horror movie premise, but a genuine and growing threat. Read a paper on the topic by Professor Henry Pontell, University of California, Irvine who presented his views at a workshop for the Centre for Tax System Integrity, at the Australian National University. The document from the workshop is in Microsoft Word format and can be found at Be afraid, be very afraid.
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December 10, 2002

Labor and asylum seekers

In the wake of Carmen Lawrence's move to the backbench, Peter Mares examines Labor's new policy on asylum seekers at
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New Zealand Television - back to tight regulation?

The Institute for Social Research has published a new Working Paper called Television Reform in New Zealand: Broadcasting Blues or Blue Sky? by Marion Jacka. It covers NZ government attempts to renew intervention in broadcasting markets after the ill effects of earlier deregulation. Find the report at
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J-Lab is live

From the site description: "J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism helps news organizations use innovative computer technologies to develop new ways for people to engage in critical public policy issues.
It funds interactive news ideas and team newsrooms with computer scientists to build software and dynamic news experiences." Find it at For those interested in the design of a digital newsroom, Newsplex is also worth a look at
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December 06, 2002

Ask the right question

Stumped for interview questions? Use the list of tested questions at to get some new ones.
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ATSIC review

Tim Rowse looks at Ruddock's review of ATSIC's role and concludes it needs to go wider across government. Read the comments at
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The ABC at seventy

Ken Inglis examines the health of Aunty after seventy years at
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Middle class battlers?

The Australia Institute's report, Overconsumption in Australia: the rise of the middle-class battler, on how the middle class feel they're doing it tough is at
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Single parents and welfare reforms

The Australian Institute of Family Studies has published a report called Lessons of United States welfare reforms for Australian social policy which looks at the changing rates of welfare and employment in US lone parent families and examines what relevance such reforms have for Australia. Find it at
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December 02, 2002

Blogging for bucks

Most bloggers blog for the love of it, but Meg Hourihan thinks it's time for the paid blogger to emerge. Read her piece Blogging for Dollars: Giving Rise to the Professional Blogger at
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