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October 31, 2002

Trading places

The International Trade Centre, a joint UNCTAD/WTO project, has a load of useful trade and export information. There are country trade analysis tables such as the Trade Performance Index, National Export Performance, National Import Profile, Trade Statistics, and so on. The site also has publications, online databases and directories that can be searched for statistics, directory information and overviews. Find it at
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Russians name gas in theatre siege

The gas used to end the theatre siege by Chechen rebels in Moscow was based on Fentanyl, a potent opium-based narcotic, according to a recent Reuters story. Read all about it at
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What's it like being a migrant?

The settlement experiences of new migrants from the National Institute of Labour Studies, at Flinders University tells how it is for new arrivals. Go directly to that PDF file at
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Cost of raising children

All they need is love ... and $450,000 - the joint AMP/NATSEM research into the costs of having kids is at
. Or get it from Australian Policy Online at

Another recent post is The settlement experiences of new migrants from the National Institute of Labour Studies, at Flinders University. Go directly to that PDF file at

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October 30, 2002

Journos and the Net

The Virtual Trail: Political Journalism on the Internet is a 78-page report from the Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet, based at George Washington University in the US. It claims journos spend more than two hours a day online. Find it at
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Terrorism in Southeast Asia

A new e-brief from the Parliamentary Library has been released on this topic at The e-brief, Terrorism in Southeast Asia, includes information on terrorist groups in the region.
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US energy consumption

If anyone needs US energy consumption figures, use the Annual Energy Review 2001 from the US Energy Information Administration at This includes full data, from 1949 onwards, for many different types of fuels, including petroleum, natural gas, nuclear energy and coal. There are also tables on end user consumption which might be handy for any Kyoto Protocol stories. An analysis of Australia's energy resources and consumption is at This link is also in the energy section of OzGuide.
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October 29, 2002

Does CNN influence foreign policy in the US?

Good question. A new paper, The Global News Networks and US Policymaking in Defense and Foreign Affairs examines this issue at The paper comes from the Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy, part of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
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Sleeping gas

Jane's has a story on the gas used on the Chechens who took over the Russian theatre at Hospitals are apparently having problems treating victims because they can't identify the chemicals used.
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It's probably worse over there

A new report, Crime in the United States - 2001 is online at It has tons of tables and statistics and comes from the FBI.
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October 28, 2002

Bosnia, Lebanon and others

The Human Development Report 2002, called Deepening Democracy in a Fragmented World, was published in July. Since then further region-specific reports have been launched, including new ones on Bosnia and Lebanon. The Bosnian one looks at major critical areas, such as privatisation, unemployment, the grey economy, corruption, education, social welfare, health, pensions, gender equality and crime, while the Lebanon one focuses on globalisation and its effects. Find all HD reports at
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Arts & Letters Daily is back

Arts & Letters Daily went temporarily off air but has now been bought by the Chronicle of Higher Education and is back in business at For readers who switched over to while it was down, it's time to switch back as the philosophy and literature page is no longer being updated.
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The Australian drought

A highly readable piece by Canberra Times editor-in-Chief Jack Waterford on the drought has been posted to Australian Policy Online ( - this is apparently part of a Canberra Times series. Read it at
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October 24, 2002

Constructing knowledge societies

Constructing Knowledge Societies: New Challenges for Tertiary Education is a recently released report from the World Bank (, on the role of education in economic development. It is available in PDF and is 232 pages long.
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Conference report

Reports from the Online News Association's 3rd annual conference & awards can be viewed at Some sessions can be viewed as streaming video.
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Doing 'bisnis' in Russia and other newly independent states

BISNIS is the US Government's primary market information center for US companies exploring business opportunities in Russia and other newly independent states. It would be useful for anyone reporting on this area. Lots of industry, country, research, tenders and event information here as well as news, money, etc.
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New Yahoo! Industry Center

Yahoo! has created an Industry Center for news, announcements, research and background on 17 industries, including telecommunications, biotechnology and drugs, semiconductors, automotive and aerospace and defence. This service is international in scope and includes news, events, a calendar, press releases, the top 10 companies per industry, research reports, industry profiles, market summaries and so-called 'industry buzz'. Find it at Thanks To Gary Price's VAS&ND for the news.
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October 22, 2002

Selling Telstra

The Federal Parliamentary Library produced a paper called Budgetary Implications of Selling Telstra - A Ready Reckoner on 24 September 2002. Unfortunately, the use of this research is restricted to Senators, Members and Parliamentary staff only - time to lobby to see it?
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The Iraqi Precipice

The Library's Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Group has produced an e-brief The Iraqi Precipice. It's at and covers the Gulf War, September 11 and its aftermath, the 'axis of evil' comments and the US's new hopes for regime change.
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Walkley Awards finalists for 2002

The 2002 Walkley Awards Dinner will be on Thursday, November 28, at the Westin, Sydney. The list of this year's finalists is at
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When bloggers commit journalism

Find this UC Berkeley panel discussion about blogs and journalists at
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October 21, 2002

Education of boys

The full report, "Boys: Getting it right", of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education and Training is now online at It's in PDF. At the committee page,, you can get it chapter by chapter.
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