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Recommended Book: Catch the Wave

Catch the Wave - find good information on the Internet fast is a guide to:

  • How to develop an information strategy for any research topic
  • How to tailor a strategy specifically for the work you do – whether it be school or tertiary study, journalism, or librarianship
  • How to track down the best resources online – by type or within specific Web domains
  • How to identify reliable, verifiable information sources on the web

There are several ways to obtain this book.

  • You can buy the book directly from me - print out and mail me this order form. You can use it to pay by cheque or to request a tax invoice with your copy. Unfortunately, I cannot yet offer EFTPOS or credit card facilities. The order form is in Adobe Acrobat format.

  • Order the book online from RMIT Publishing

  • Subscribe to the online version

  • Buy the book from the American Bookstore.


"Don't be put off by the passé-sounding title, reminiscent of the breathlessly teenage days of the Internet. This is a sensible guide by an author who knows her stuff, and you’re likely to pick up tips for new ways to use the net even if you’ve been exploiting it efficiently for years. Weaver, a librarian, journalism trainer and columnist, gives lots of sensible general advice and specific strategies for academics, librarians, students and journalists."

Reviewed by Jane Richardson. Australian Financial Review, Monday 27 October, 2003.

Some satisfied readers have said:

"Last night my daughter was struggling with an assignment on Government and I gave her your book - it was fantastic. There was information that she could use directly out of the book and she could go to the websites suggested and find what she needed immediately! Every student needs this book. I will email my son's Special Ed teacher and tell her about it. Essential in everyone's home!!!!"

"Your book is fantastic and just might change my life!"

Guide to Internet information sources for Australian journalists
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